PDA 200E Wall Mounting Induction Loop Amplifier



This concept in Induction Loop Systems provides greater levels of security due to its wall-mounting capabilities, together with increased input flexibility via the choice of modular ‘Outreach’ input plates.


Up to 120m² coverage.

  • Simple internal screw connections (no audio connectors involved in installation).
  • Wall mounted for safe, secure, permanent installation.
  • Internal controls avaoid tampering.
  • Mid-range tone control to improve intelligibility.
  • Alert input & tone generator for door bells, alarms etc.
  • Balanced microphone and line level controls
  • Phantom Power on microphone input
  • 100V line input from PA system
  • ‘Outreach’ plates provide modular input choice (additional line or mic etc.)
    Further Info:
    The PDA200E is available in many kit formats including:
  • AKM1: Meeting/Seminar room loop kit
  • AKL1: Lecture room loop kit
  • AKT1: TV/Music room loop kit
  • AKR1: Waiting room loop kitand many more ……..


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